Tokyo Personal Aromatherapy ( private session)

Life Style
    Little K
    Personal Aromatherapy in Tokyo

    Let’s create one and only your personalized
    aroma scents🍋

    Do you know the power of smell?

    It influences our moods in a second!
    fun to see how well our nose can tell us
    what we need and want:)

    Here is the Workshop you are going to love!

    What’s included:

    1. Welcome spice tea

    2. Breathing & Essential oil

    3. Aroma Foot bath & Feel your chakras
    🌱calm the mind and relax the body

    4. A sensory play activity
    🌱Sniff & Scratch (3 aroma essential oils )

    5. Create a portable blended aroma roll-on oil perfume(10ml) of your choice!
    🌱sniff 40 different organic aroma scented bins containing such as flower, herbs, spice, wood, citrus smells, select the scents that feels right for you, and blend them in your own perfect harmony✨ you can bring it home with you!

    6. Easy mini meditation 🧘‍♀️

    This sensory experience helps you to elicit ultimate happiness of being YOU!🌈✨

    *Time: 120mins

    * Place: 3mins walk from Shin-Egota stn(Ōedo line) Tokyo, Japan

    *#this is private session for you to spend time for yourself. If you want to join with your partner, family, or close friends, we accept up to 2 ppl at the same time :)
    Available Dates:
    Sep. 25 14:00
    Oct. 12 14:00
    Oct. 23 10:00
    Oct. 28 10:00

    Aroma therapist Little K’s intro😄
    🌱Aromatherapy certification Grade 1( highest level) by Aroma Environmental Association of Japan
    🌱Completion of ARTQ Institute Aromatherapy Basic and Advanced course term 1
    🌱Since pandemic, I started to feel my inner sense of happiness and beauty through meditation. Now I simply accept all my feelings and live my true being. Organic essential oil is the aroma of nature, it transports me to the natural world even in the busy Tokyo! It gives me energy to feel happiness in daily life and a variety of awareness every moment just like when I used to wonder around the world 🌏 ✨