Online Easy Face Yoga (30mins) for beginner

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    Little K
    Online Easy Face Yoga (30mins) for beginner ( group lessen) 😐🤪😀

    we wear mask now all the time 😷

    we use PC or smartphone all the time lol

    we are less smiling !!

    we are not using our facial muscles💀

    Tired eye? 👀

    Downturned mouth corners?

    Don’t worry❤️

    You can gain mussels at any age!

    let’s start with easy fun exercise

    to make a great first impression 😄

    also Smile does make YOU happy♪
    Sep. 29 12:30
    Oct.7 12:00
    Oct.20 12:00 - SOLD OUT
    Oct.21 14:00
    Oct.2411:00 - SOLD OUT
    Oct.26 13:00
    *Plz book at latest 3days prior.
    *instruction can be either only in English or in both Japanese and English

    Little K:
    Certified teacher for Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method
    - Face Yoga Expert