Mindfullness Ikebana

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Online class
    Welcome to a World of Japanese Beauty !
    Why don't you experience relaxing time with flowers and learn the skill for your rich daily life?

    My contents consists of these following parts:

    ☆ Story about my living area (Kyoto)
    ☆ History of Japanese flower arrangement
      influenced by Zen and my Ikebana
    ☆Demonstration and show the technique
    ☆Try your own arrangemet

    In only an hour, you can create your own flower arrangement and experience the beauty and simplicity of the Japanese sprit.

    I'm waiting for you with Japanese seasonal flowers!!
    Things to prepare:

    ① Choose your favorite 3 pcs of flowers or tree branches,another 2 pcs of flowers and leaves. Ex: 3 pcs roses and 2 pcs carnations.

    ② Container : Please choose one of three.
    1. Tall,cylindric vase or cup
    2. Basket or vase & floral foam
    3. Shallow vase or dish with a pin frog(

    ③ Sissors for cutting flowers (you can get it
    at a dollar shop)